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Dampproofing vs Waterproofing - What's the Difference?


Dampproofing products are coatings designed to inhibit moisture penetration. Waterproofing compounds contain rubber polymers. This allows the coating to span the shrinkage cracks and resist hydrostatic pressure. The percentage of rubber present in the coating generally determines its effectiveness and price.


How High Should the Coating Go?


Code requires waterproofing to extend from  the base of the wall to a minimum of 6" below final grade. The closer you are to final grade the more effective the coating will be.


Whats Needs to be Done to Prepare for Waterproofing?

  • Grade must be clearly and completely marked.
  • All forms/scaffolding stripped and removed from the excavation area.
  • Footings should be dry (no standing water) and free from cave-ins (we will broom-clean footings).
  • Minimum of 36" clearance required for safety and to properly apply coatings.
  • Trucks are equipped with approximately 150 lineal feet of hose.

Important Information about below grade waterproofing products and their application

  1. Temperatures should be at least 20 - 25 degrees and rising.
  2. Some products require a completely dry surface to apply. Others can tolerate some dampness. Wet or frozen walls are not acceptable.
  3. Spray-applied coatings require 24 to 48 hours cure time prior to backfill.
  4. Products designed for below grade use are not U.V. stable and should not be left exposed for more than 15-30 days.
  5. Some products are solvent based and their vapors are flammable.
  6. Grade must be clearly marked before our crews will apply the coatings. Once applied, rubberized coatings are nearly impossible to remove so maximum height must be established.
  7. Waterproofing should extend from the base of the wall to just below final grade.

These are just general guidelines which vary some among different manufacturers. For product specific information, call us or click on "Services" and you will see a link to manufacturers' sites for our products.